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Dreams you might not come back from (2011-)
A collaboration of Clocked Out Duo and Continuum Sax Quartet

A dream is an improvisation for the mind, a fantasy, a smoke-screen, one's most hidden fears, one's deepest desires as experienced in a state of potential forgetfulness. An escape into oneself, a journey to another place, or a search for meaning from amongst the day's actions and emotions.

Clocked Out and Continuum Sax present a musical journey through a dangerous but delightful dreamscape, communicating their musical visions through composition, improvisation and extemporisation with each other and their audience.

Using toy pianos, rocks, drums and reeds, this performance centres on the refreshing of Erik Griswold (pianist, composer and improviser) and Margery Smith (clarinettist, composer and improviser), and the startling musicality of Continuum Sax and Clocked Out Duo.

Who: Clarinet/conductor Margery Smith piano Erik Griswold, percussion Vanessa Tomlinson saxophones Christina Leonard, James Nightingale, Martin Kay, Nicholas Russoniello, Design Cameron Hipwell, Photos Sharka Bosakova.
What New compositions for prepared & toy pianos, percussion, and saxophone quartet.
When and Where:
19 October 2011 @ Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane.
22 October 2011 @ Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW.

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