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Virtuosic Visions
Site-specific solo concerts by leading creative musicians

Virtuosic Visions I & II were series of site-specific solo concerts interacting with the architecture and exhibitions of the Melbourne Museum. VV brought together leading contemporary music interpreters and improvisors in innovative solo concerts designed to challenge and entertain both experienced and new listeners.

The month long series held in March 2001 and 2002 saw thirteen of Melbourne's most creative musicians performing in the Forest Gallery, the austere Te Pasifika Gallery, the intimate Aborigine-inspired Kalaya meeting room, and other intriguing locations. Some highlights of the series were Vanessa Tomlinson's amplified balloon and her premiere of Anthony Pateras' epic Mutant Theatre; Natasha Anderson's beautiful collaborations with computer musician Robin Fox and artist Sarah Pirrie; Carl Rosman and Geoffrey Morris's marvelous presentations of recent Australian and European compositions; Tom Fryer's multi-textured electronic soundscapes; Tim O'Dwyer and Adrian Sherriff's tour de force performances which brought together the best elements of contemporary music, free improvisation, and world music; Erik Griswold's sublime Other Planes; and Erkki Veltheim's unforgettable performance atop a moving cherry picker!

"The wide curved walkway quickly filled with the cognoscenti and the curious, who witnessed a lively and often humorous performance...For every child there, the work [Vanessa Tomlinson's "Dear Judy"] legitimated the idea of environmental and sonic self-exploration." RealTime Arts Magazine, May-June 2001.

Virtuosic Visions I (2001)
4 Mar - Tom Fryer, Vanessa Tomlinson
11 Mar - Erik Griswold, Tim O'Dwyer
18 Mar - Natasha Anderson, Carl Rosman
25 Mar - Geoffrey Morris, Adrian Sherriff

Virtuosic Visions II (2002)
4 Mar - Erik Griswold, Natasha Anderson
11 Mar - Vanessa Tomlinson, Melissa Madden Gray
18 Mar - Mardi McSullea, Erkki Veltheim
25 Mar - Dave Brown, Robin Fox