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Clocked Out Duo and friends present:
Wake Up!

The sharp trill of an alarm clock launches Clocked Out into 2011. After ten years of the same dream, forays into the wide alley searching for foreign objects, cleaning up the messy spills of Dada, we finally say enough is enough. It's time to Wake Up! to the everyday sounds around us.

Wake Up! combines the sounds of alarm clocks, natural soundscapes, ice sculpture, and Chinese street songs with Clocked Out's trademark prepared piano, percussion, and toy instruments, to create a delightful collage of sounds designed to wake up the senses.

Clocked Out Duo is Erik Griswold (prepared piano, toys) and Vanessa Tomlinson (percussion, found objects), with special guests Joel Stern (homemade instruments), Lawrence English (site listening), Nicholas Ng (Chinese violin), and Jan Baker-Finch (movement).

"Sure to bring smiles of joy and gasps of amazement in equal measure." - Resonate Magazine

Who: Performers Clocked Out Duo with special guests Jan Baker-Finch, Lawrence English, Nicholas Ng, and Joel Stern
What: New works and collaborations
When & Where: 23 March 2011 @ Ian Hangar Recital Hall

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