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Sounding Wivenhoe / Sounding the Powerhouse (2007)
Sounding: The act of one that sounds. A probe of the environment for scientific observation. A measured depth of water.

Composer Erik Griswold, artist Rebecca Ross, and ten leading Brisbane musicians premiere their breakthrough musical work that explores one of our city's most pressing issues: water.

This new site-specific work harnesses music, scientific data, the natural environment and architecture to examine drought and water management, and increase awareness of the Wivenhoe Dam.

"Griswold starts playing high up the keyboard - fast tinkling arpeggios gradually extending in range. Over the top are occasional blurts from the wind and brass players, their lines also gradually extending as the piece moves along. Cello and bassoon play off each other, jazz fragments pop up on the side from trumpet, trombone and clarinet. Gradually the piano moves into hammered string sounds, then chills down to a sort of rubber harp. Performers echo rhythms and pitch fragments across the space." - Greg Hooper, Realtime 80.

Who: Composer Erik Griswold Artist Rebecca Ross Musicians Bettina Crimmins, Elliott Dalgleish, Oscar Garrido de la Rosa, Richard Haynes, Crystal Hildred, Louise King, Dan Quigley, John Rodgers, Vanessa Tomlinson Photos Sharka Bosakova.
What: Site-specific performances and video installation.
Where & When: 30 June 2007 @ Lake Wivenhoe
6 July 2007 @ Powerkidz (Brisbane Powerhouse)
6 July 2007 @ Liquid Architecture Festival (Brisbane Powerhouse)

Arts Queensland Griffith University Brisbane City Council