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A summer of wisteria (2007)

Sop/alto saxophone, violin, viola, cello and piano. 8:00.

Summer of Wisteria was composed for Topology and Clocked Out, and premiered on the “Seven Headed Music Machine” show in Brisbane Powerhouse. Both of those ensembles thrive on rhythm, and the three movements of Wisteria abound with intricate cross-rhythms and syncopations. When I came up with the opening motif, a line from William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! popped into my head – “It was a summer of wisteria…” This seemed to capture something about the relaxed feeling and the dreamy textures which wend their way in and out of the music. Mint juleps on the veranda, anyone?

Composed for Topology with support from Arts Queensland and Brisbane Powerhouse.  Premiered by Topology & the composer:  John Babbage (saxophones), Erik Griswold (piano), Christa Powell (violin), Bernard Hoey (viola), Robert Davidson (contrabass) at Brisbane Powerhouse, 11 November 2007

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