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Boundary Rider Commissions (2020)

6 New works by innovators Brisbane composers.


In 2020 Clocked Out partnered with Bruce and Jocelyn Wolfe to create the Boundary Rider Commissions.  These commissions were awarded to six innovative independent Queensland musicians - Kristin Berardi, Caleb Colledge, Brodie McAllister, Sam Pankhurst, Jodie Rottle, and Hannah Reardon-Smith.

Each commissionee created a 5 (or so) minute composition on the theme of “boundary rider” for piano, percussion, and the composer’s own instrument. They collaborated with to develop and record their new works. Video footage was creatively merged together by veejay Reflected Chop (aka Greg Harm) and the final pieces were premiered in June-July on the Clocked Out YouTube channel.


Kristin Berardi is an in-demand vocalist and composer working in a post-jazz context.  She has collaborated with many luminaries of Australian jazz, and her work has been acknowledged with a National Jazz Award for Voice and three Bell Awards for the Best Jazz Vocal Album of the year.

Caleb Colledge is a Brisbane-based composer, percussionist, mandolin player and producer working in contemporary classical, experimental and electronic fields. His compositional language draws on an eclectic mix of musical influences with a mission to create visceral and honest emotional experiences at the heart. His work focuses on the intersection between acoustic, electronic, found sounds, environment and community.

Brodie McAllister is an improviser, trombonist, composer, educator and event organiser from Brisbane, Australia. His artistic practice is concerned with exploring the intersection between improvisation and notation, hyper-extended instrumental techniques, composer-performer collaboration and community connections.

Samuel Pankhurst is an Australian contrabassist, composer, improviser, producer, curator, and interdisciplinary artist. His work challenges notions of genre and cultural identity. A particular focus has been championing and investigating the work of Australian outsider artists.

Hannah Reardon-Smith is a flutist, improviser, composer, radio presenter, curator, activist, thinker, and writer usually living on the unceded land of the Jagera, Yuggera, and Turrbal People. Her work and thinking are rooted in queer and feminist collaborative and contaminative co-creation with other soundmakers and artmakers, physical and social environments, ecologies, histories, and narratives, exploring the possibilities of making-kin and finding agency within community.

Jodie Rottle is a flutist, composer and improviser. She explores original and new sound concepts, having premiered experimental works across Australia and the United States. Jodie’s work as a composer-performer incorporates the sounds of everyday objects alongside traditional instruments. A central theme of her work is the element of surprise, and to achieve this she often skims the outer territories of performance art, puppetry, and comedy.

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