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Clocked Out with Michael Kieran Harvey and Arabella Teniswood Harvey

Music for three pianos and percussion

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The Listening Museum is a musical happening in a working factory.  It's a non-linear mashup of sonic ideas, with each audience member free to explore, interact and experience it in their own way.  In the spirit of Dada and Fluxus, The Listening Museum 1 (2013) featured a live bronze pouring, a Madonna-singing welder (Jess Azodi), a gong therapist (Michael Askill), sound installations (Lawrence English & Leah Barclay), collaborations with Sydney’s Ensemble Offspring, and 20 percussionists with ropes attached. Memorable moments from Listening Museum 2 (2016)  include “Flutist in a Dumpster” (Jodie Rottle), Kurt Schwitters’ Dada poem UR Sonata (Vanessa Tomlinson) accompanied by suspended trombonist (Ben Marks), and dualling bagpipers (Matthew Horsley & Cameron Kennedy) . What will happen in 2018??????


Central to the project is collaboration is between Clocked Out and  workers of UAP – a company who describe themselves as explorers, creatives and makers. UAP work closely with with artists, architects, designers & developers to bring uncommon creativity to the public realm & expert resources to creativity.


Clocked Out are ethically committed to social and environmental concerns and feel the act of listening – to each other and to the place where we live – can be a trigger for positive human/environmental custodianship. The “choose-your-own-adventure” nature of this work provides an exploratory audience-driven entry into new sonic ideas, new music and new concepts.


Join us for The Listening Museum 3, 21 September 2018.

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