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Love to love your strings, baby! (2013)

String orchestra.  8:30.

"Love to love your strings, baby" is an affectionate homage to disco strings.  I've taken inspiration from Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra, from the New York, Philadelphia and many other symphony orchestras, and the many great arrangers who had a role in developing the disco sound.  My piece takes motifs and fragments from the golden era of disco and weaves them together with my own original themes to present a fantasy montage.  The title refers, of course, to the 1975 Donna Summer hit "Love to love you, baby."


The work was composed for the Camerata of St. Johns with generous support from the Australia Council for the Arts.  The Camerata premiered it 13 December 2013, Empire Church Theatre, Toowoomba.

"Erik Griswold’s Love to Love Your Strings, Baby!, a simultaneous homage to Donna Summer and the Love Unlimited Orchestra, has the most exciting opening imaginable, and continues with stop-start brilliance from there." - Martin Buzacott, The Australian

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