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Here and Now published

Vanessa has co-edited a new book called "Here and Now." Published by Joel Chadabe's Intelligent Arts the work is a snapshot of creative work in Brisbane, and features articles by Vanessa, Danielle Bentley, Stephen Emmerson (Beethoven), Jessica Aszodi, Stephen Emmerson (Bach), Louise Denson, Kim Cunio, Leah Barclay, Toby Wren, and Erik Griswold (prepared piano).

The publisher description: Here is a fabulous snapshot of music today! A remarkable group of artists in Brisbane wrote ten lively and diverse articles — here in the world and now at this time. What’s in the book? A listening museum, a cadenza for Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Concerto, an environmental issue in India, an updated prepared piano, music bearing witness to life, rethinking Bach’s Goldberg Variations, Carnatic rhythm and jazz, structuring a festival, performing at Tanglewood, and staying home. This is required reading for anyone interested in music! So let’s start reading and listening.

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