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Sonic Dreams (2018-)

Prepared piano and percussion.

Imagine the sounds of extinct animals.


Sonic Dreams is an imagination of lost and unknown sounds. Performers improvise their way through 8 imaginary soundscapes – the turtle coming up for breath; the spines of the giant echidna rubbing against a tree; the stick-nest rat moving about in its nest for example.


Preparation: Practice for this piece may include improvising within the given sound worlds, research about the species in the piece, site visits/recordings, rehearsing how to move from one sonic state to the next. Or it may include going on stage and spontaneously playing from the instruction cards.


Performance: Move through the sequence of 8 imagined sound worlds in any order. These may last from 30 second minimum per card, to as long as you like. A different person will lead each change. Changes can be sharp, as in changing a slide, or can cross fade. In the case of a cross-fade, some sort of logic must be applied to the transition. Remember the order, and what you played. The coda is a recount of the sound worlds – 5 seconds per imagination. Together you are creating a series of fixed, repeatable, sonic memories – for that moment only

Imagine the sound of the pig-footed bandicoot dreaming.

Imagine the sound of pseudemydura umbrina coming up for a breath

Imagine the sound of Zaglossus hacketti’s (giant echidna) spines rubbing against a tree.


Imagine the sound of Potorous gilbertii at sunset.

Imagine the sound of notomys macrotis hopping.


Imagine the sound of Dasyornis broadbenti litoralis in the dawn chorus.

Imagine the sound of the Night Parrot calling.

Imagine the sound of the Lesser stick-nest rat inside its nest.

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