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84 Pianos (2017)

for all the pianos in the Queensland Conservatorium played at once.  30:00.

Can you imagine the sound of 84 pianos, performing simultaneously?

Crashing tone clusters, droning arpeggios, fragments of familiar tunes fill the halls, hallways, practice rooms, nooks and crannies of Queensland Conservatorium in a never-before attempted mass piano performance. Using all of the pianos at the Queensland Conservatorium in-situ, this work will literally sound the building, and provide audiences with a chance to explore and compare acoustic spaces at the conservatorium. A choose-your-own adventure entry inside a piece of new music, conceived by Vanessa Tomlinson and composed specially for this event by Erik Griswold.

84 Pianos was part of 100 ways to listen, created for the World Science Festival 2017.

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