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Grevilleas of Myall Park (2009)

Choir, keyboard and percussion. 40:00.

Clocked Out and The Australian Voices team up to present “Grevilleas of Myall Park,” colourful celebration of Australian Native Fauna. Taking inspiration from the unique personalites of 18 different varieties of Grevillea, composer Erik Griswold forms motifs on the botanical names – Kennedyana, Chrithmifolia, Paradoxa, Sericea, Thelemanniana, to name a few – to create quirky, funny, and beautiful portraits of one of Australia’s beloved native flowers. The Australian Voices are augmented by piano, percussion, narration, and video.

"The Griswold suite for grevilleas, and its performance, was something refreshing, original, edgy, well crafted and well executed. And the process did everything that community music projects are about: it crossed boundaries and reflected cultures (music, art, nature, botany, conservation, history), time and place." - Jocelyn Wolfe, Resonate Magazine.

Premiered byThe Australian Voices and Clocked Out Duo, with narration by Jan Baker-Finch at Myall Botanic Garden 29th August 2009


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