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Presidentsland (2009)

Narrator, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, Bassoon, Piano. 25’.

In Presidentsland, music, words and ideas have been shaken and stirred for a vision of Queensland’s future. Six of Australia’s brightest sparks will present their ideas in a world premiere concert of three distinct musical and literary visions at Brisbane’s City Hall. Three writers and three composers with wildly different styles have been chosen to collaborate and the result is a cocktail full of fresh, contentious ideas. A beautifully melodic work by Clocked Out Duo’s Erik Griswold accompanies poet and librettist Rodney Hall’s powerful vision of a bureaucracy that has scorned the current financial focus of our education, science, health and arts industries, predicting a radical return to total customer orientation. Writer Rodney Hall joins us to narrate his work. The Southern Cross Soloists, one of Australia’s most innovative and exciting musical ensembles, will perform, together with the QPAC Community Choir. Presidentsland is directed by Patrick Nolan. – Queensland Music Festival media release

Commissioned by Queensland Music Festival.  Premiered by Rodney Hall and Southern Cross Soloists at Brisbane City Hall, 29 July 2009

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