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Hypnotic Strains (1998)

Solo percussion.  9:00. 

Hypnotic Strains was composed for Vanessa Tomlinson in 1998 when we were both based at the University of California, San Diego. It is scored for a kind of "stand-up drum set" comprised of traditional drums and cymbals, along with "found object" or "junk" instruments such as bottles and bowls. This type of instrumentation, though based on composer John Cage's early works, is very unique to Vanessa. The first part of H.S. centres on the drums, and a special technique of bouncing the sticks to produce an echo effect. The second part begins with delicate and intricate rhythms played with chopsticks on an assortment of bowls, bottles and wood blocks, and then brings together the bouncing drum rhythms in a spiralling climax.

"Hypnotic Strains" is an innovative multiple percussion composition...This very creative piece will demand a high degree of technical control and musicality from the performer. - Percussive Notes 69

RealTime magazine (Australia) called it "magical."

Commissioned by, dedicated to, and premiered by Vanessa Tomlinson at Weisman Gallery, Minneapolis.

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