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Twos and threes (2015)

Twos and threes started - as many of my favorite pieces do - downstairs in my home studio.  Terry Longshore, Vanessa Tomlinson and I spent a week rehearsing and working out new arrangements for a concert in August 2015.  One afternoon, in between sessions, Terry and I started messing around with some vibraphone preparations, taping bits of cardboard, 5 cent pieces, and paper clips to the bars.  I filmed him improvising a loping groove on my iphone.  Later I went back to the footage, took the basic idea and developed it on the piano into part one.  From there the ideas for parts 2, 3, and 4 fell into place quickly, as I thought about how to evoke different sound worlds out of the prepared vibraphone.

Composed for Terry Longshore.  Premiered 24 April 2016 at P.A.S. Day of Percussion, Seattle.

Prepared vibraphone.  10:00.

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