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The Listening Museum

Musical happening in a working factory.

The Listening Museum is a musical happening in the working factory of UAP.  It's a non-linear mashup of sonic ideas, with each audience member free to explore, interact and experience it in their own way.  In the spirit of Dada and Fluxus comes to life.

The Listening Museum I (2013) featured a live bronze pouring, a Madonna-singing welder (Jess Azodi), a gong therapist (Michael Askill), sound installations (Lawrence English & Leah Barclay), collaborations with Sydney’s Ensemble Offspring, and 20 percussionists with ropes attached. 

View the program.

Read a review of TLM I in Realtime Arts.


The Listening Museum II (2016) was presented in conjunction with the Australian Percussion Gathering. Memorable moments include “Flutist in a Dumpster” (Jodie Rottle), Kurt Schwitters’ Dada poem UR Sonata (Vanessa Tomlinson) accompanied by suspended trombonist (Ben Marks), and duelling bagpipers (Matthew Horsley & Cameron Kennedy).

View the program.

Watch video from TLM II.

The Listening Museum III (2018) featured seven sound installations, the birth of Trombone Haus, a piano playing robotic arm, balloon interventions, Your sound future, lunchroom lady sings hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and much more.

View the program.

Watch video from TLM III.


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