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Dreams you might not come back from (2011)

Saxophone quartet. 13:00.

Dreams you might not come back from is a suite in six parts composed for Continuum Saxophone Quartet - 1. Wistful & nostalgic, 2. Biting & chunky, 3. Hypnotic, like glowing embers, 4. Bright & sparkling, 5. Floating in the clouds, 6. Dreamy. I used the Lutoslawski “String Quartet” as a starting point for my explorations of texture, and aleatoric notation. While composing I had the chance to try out ideas with the quartet in the beautiful landscape of Bundanon, the former residence of iconic Australian painter Arthur Boyd. The pastoral landscapes were a major influence. Many thanks to Jim, Martin, Nick, and Christina for their ideas, creativity, and dedication.

Composed for Continuum Sax with support from Bundanon National Trust and New Music Network.  Premiered at Queensland Conservatorium, 19 Oct 2011.

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