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All Vinko - The theatre of music (2008)

Clocked Out presents the first Australian retrospective of Slovenian born composer-trombonist Vinko Globokar, described as "one of the most subversive and engaging minds in new music" (The Wire, UK). Historically connected with Stockhausen and Kagel, his work spans the worlds of jazz, free improvisation and new music, eluding the confines of the recorded medium as it teeters between music as theatre and theatre as music.

Musicians on stage are enacting precisely directed instructions - "fold a sound object", "cry of pain while inhaling", "influence your way of playing with boiling matter" - sometimes working as a group, but more often as simultaneous individuals. The musicians can only prepare their small world, often completely unaware of what others on stage are doing. The audience, therefore, is the only witness to the social complexities enacted before them. This is theatre without direction, Fluxus work with hyper-organisation, a deconstruction of the rules and rites of the concert hall. Is it music? Are they musicians? Are you the voyeur? What is he trying to tell us?

The concert features two Australian premiers, and rare performances by leading interpreter Vanessa Tomlinson, who has worked closely with Globokar over the past 15 years, premiering a number of works and performing his Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra at the prestigious Wien Moderne Festival (Vienna).

"The sound is beautifully balanced. The effect of the movement is formal, measured, music as re-enacted dance." - Greg Hooper (on "Discours VIII), Realtime 85

Who: Director Vanessa Tomlinson Musicians Sarah Collins, Miranda Sue Yek, Bettina Crimmins, Oscar Garrido de la Rosa, Ysolt Clark, Ben Marks, Moana Manu, Queenie Chan, Shane McPherson Video Paul Lin Photos Sharka Bosakova
What: The music of Vinko Globokar
What: 4 April 2008 @ Queensland Conservatorium

Arts Queensland Griffith University