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Ensemble in Residence Series (2008-2020)

An extraordinary series of collaborations with Australian and International artists.

From 2008-2020 Clocked Out hosted a series of concerts as Ensemble in Residence at  Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University. 

Throughout the twelve years of the program, we produced over 40 collaborative concerts with 13 Australian composer/improvisers, 10 international artists, 2 international ensembles and 7 Australian ensembles. It is hard to quantify, but conservatively, the series brought to life over 1,500 minutes of new never-before-heard music. Below you can explore archival resources about the concerts, including videos, images, recordings and documents.

• Read a feature article by Vanessa on the history of Clocked Out at Queensland Conservatorium in Australian Music Centre's

Resonate Magazine.

The Lost Art of Listening with Hilary Kleinig (SA) | Video
Scissors, Paper, Revox with Peter Knight (Vic) | Video
The Lonely Hearts Pandemic Band with Evaristo Aguilar (Mexico) | Video

Clocked Out with Michael Kieran-Harvey and Arabella Teniswood Harvey (Tas) | Video Playlist | Program

Carcasses of Angels with Cat Hope (Vic) | Video Playlist 

Clocked Out with Mary Oliver (The Netherlands) | Video Playlist | Program
Triangle Heaven (Tomlinson, Griswold, Hipwell) | Video

Opera of Objects with Cathy Milliken (Germany) | Video
Delicious Ironies with Lindsay Vickery (Perth)
The essential gesture is the breath with Jim Denley (NSW) | Video
Sonic Dreams (Tomlinson) | Video

Clocked Out with Simone de Haan (Perth) and Anne LeBaron (USA) | Video
Clocked Out with EcoSono (USA) | Video
Conjuring Sound with Erkki Veltheim (Vic) | Video Playlist

Clocked Out with Nicole Lizée & Australian Art Orchestra (Canada/Aus) | Program
Clocked Out with Lisa Moore (NY) | Video | Program
Clocked Out with Anthony Pateras (Germany) | Video | Program

Vibrations in the Architecture | Video

In Patterns of Shade with Janet McKay (QLD)
New Music of the Pacific Rim with Terry Longshore (USA)
Time Crystals (Clocked Out Duo)

8 Hits | Video
Dingo Kisses (Clocked Out Duo)
New York-Montreal Quartet (USA/Canada)

Fairweather (for Narrator, String Quartet and koto) Kurilpa String Quartet (QLD), Rodney Hall and Satsuki Odamura (NSW) | Webpage
The Trilling Wire Mini-Fest with Peter Knight, Fish Boast of Fishing, Speak Percussion and Quadratic Contingency (Vic/QLD)
Coming Together with Early Warning System (QLD)

Strange and Sacred Noises with Early Warning System (QLD) | Poster
Grevilleas of Myall Park with The Australian Voices (QLD) | Article | Audio excerpts
From Small Things Grow with Topology (QLD)
Prestidigitation with Adam Simmons (Vic)

Wake Up! with Jan Baker-Finch, Lawrence English, Nicholas Ng, and Joel Stern (QLD) | Postcard | Program
Dreams you might not come back from with Continuum Sax (NSW) | Poster | Audio excerpt
An Idyll of the Misbegotten with Timothy Munro (USA)

After the Kingfisher's Wing with Liam Viney, Janet Mackay, Rianne Wilshut, Graeme Jennings, John Addison, Vanessa Tomlinson (QLD)
1,000 Gongs
Touch Pause Engage with David Chesworth (Vic)

Mutant Theatre with Anthony Pateras (Germany)
Sounding the Condamine (QLD)
Four Places in Queensland - Stephen Emmerson, Anna Grinberg, Liam Viney (QLD)

All Vinko: The Theatre of Music
Clocked Out with Richard Nunns (NZ)
Foreign Objects - (Clocked Out Duo)

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