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Amazing Women
An annual series dedicated to the music of women

Amazing Women, a concert series which ran from 2006-2009, explored the abundant wealth of music composed by women over the past 20 years. From all corners of the globe, in a plethora of styles, from modernism to minimalism to transcendentalism, this series was a rare snapshot of some of the leading compositional voices of the day. The series featured world premieres by Jennifer Fowler, Nicole Murphy, Natasha Anderson, Vanessa Tomlinson and Jane Rigler plus Australian premieres of works by Bun Ching Lam, Karen Tanaka, Pauline Oliveros, Sofia Gubaidulina, Kaija Saariaho, Jennifer Walsh. amazing Women was curated by Vanessa Tomlinson and presented in conjunction with Queensland Conservatorium, The Brisbane Powerhouse and Arts Queensland.

Amazing Women 1
Program: Jennifer Fowler Towards Release (2005) Liza Lim Spirit Weapons - part 2 (1998) Sofia Gubaidulina Fata Morgana: Die tanzende Sonnee [Mirage of the Dancing Sun] (2002) Kaija Saariaho Ceiel etiole (2000), Oi Kuu (1990) Julia Wolfe Dark Full Ride (2002).
Performers: Vanessa Tomlinson, Nozomi Omote, Paul Lin, David Montgomery, Julian Schweitzer percussion Michele Walsh violin Lisa Miller, Katherine Philp, Sabrina Chiang, Stephanie Arnold, David Sue Yek, Ran Rho, Rachel Meredith, Rani Jeong cello Pat Marchisella contrabass.
When & Where: 27 Apr 2006 @ Queensland Conservatorium

Amazing Women 2
Program: Karen Tanaka Water and Stone (1998) Kate Neal Glass Duet (2005) Vanessa Tomlinson Practice (2000) Pauline Oliveros Sound Fishes (1992) Nicole Murphy Illustrations (2007, world premiere) Bun-Ching Lam Social Accidents (1998).
Performers: Pei-Ann Yeoh, Caroline Hobson violin Nikki Scott viola Kathryn Philp cello Adam Story contrabass Leah Xiang Li harp Roxanne Kavanagh flute Bettina Crimmins oboe Oscar Garrido de la Rosa bassoon Miranda Sue Yek clarinet Wang Yan, Paul Lin, Vanessa Tomlinson percussion.
When & Where: 11 May 2007 @ Queensland Conservatorium

Amazing Women 3
Program: Natasha Anderson original works.
Performers: Natasha Anderson contrabass recorder and electronics.
When & Where: 12 Aug 2008 @ Brisbane Powerhouse

Amazing Women 4
Program: Jane Rigler A la pintura / To Painting (2007), Two Seaming (2001/1998) Eve Beglarian Five Things (2001) Liza Lim Philtre (1997) Jenny Olivia Johnson Sound Fishes (1992) Nicole Murphy Beautiful // Fragment (2007) Jan Baker-Finch, Jane Rigler, Vanessa Tomlinson In the shadows of Dorothy (2009).
Performers: Jane Rigler flute, voice, electronics Janet McKay flute Oscar Garrido de la Rosa bassoon Vanessa Tomlinson percussion Graeme Jennings violin Jan Baker-Finch movement .
When & Where: 27 Oct 2009 @ Brisbane Powerhouse.

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