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Dream, Spill, Fear, Percussion (2007-8)

Music and kinetic sculpture merge in the percussion compositions of Erik Griswold.

In Spill a large cone-shaped pendulum swings through the space, gently spilling out 20 kilos of rice grains. The solo performer humbly offers bowls, temple bells, rice paper and other sounding materials to produce delightfully unexpected rhythms. "Strings Attached (1999) for six snare drummers magnifies the small performance gestures normally associated with that instrument by means of an inventive system of attached strings that enables an audience almost literally to see the music...If the strings are brightly illuminated against a black background, the effect is not of rope, but of waves of white light that exactly mirror the sounds of the piece" (Steven Schick, The Percussionist's Art). In Fear three pulsating gongs reflecting harsh searchlights create a sense of foreboding.

Brisbane's Clocked Out joins forces with Melbourne's Speak Percussion to present these groundbreaking works and other evocative music for prepared piano and percussion.

"Through the intricately choreographed score of rolls and accents, the quivering ropes suggested gusts of wind or sound wave phenomena, in what became a percussion tour de force and kinetic sculpture all in one." - Josef Woodard, Los Angeles Times (on "Strings Attached")

Who: Composer Erik Griswold Sculptor Cameron Robbins Percussionists Eugene Ughetti, Peter Neville, Greg Sully, Matthias Schack-Arnott, Nozomi Omote, Vanessa Tomlinson Video Anne Wilson.
What: Percussion music of Erik Griswold.
When & Where:
1 Dec 2007 @ Big West Festival, the Incinerator (Melbourne)
24 May 2008 @ Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

Arts Queensland Griffith University